Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Best Chocolate Milk

This is my advert for the best chocolate milk. It's the best chocolate milk in the world because it is good for children.


  1. Hi Amelia,

    I like your idea of creating a healthy chocolate milk! I love having chocolate milk as a treat.

  2. Hi Amelia

    I think that you must like chocolate milk and I do to I love chocolate milk but I'm not to sure as mush as you. and I think that it is healthy.

    From reuben

  3. Hi Amelia, my name is Taylor and I’m from Kawakawa Primary School. I really liked your slide about the chocolate milk and how you said it was really healthy for children. I love chocolate milk! Next time maybe you can put some more detail into describe the way it tasted and the price of it. I have no tips that I can help you with because it’s all good. Please feel free to check out my blog any time any

  4. Hi Amelia, my name is Aimee I really like your slide show about chocolate milk and how you said it was healthy But maybe next time you could add more detail and maybe describe the taste of it. But overall its fantastic!

    see ya


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