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Story: Why do we call them gumboots?
WALT - find information form the text
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What are gumboots?    
Gumboots are types of shoes and they were made about two hundred years ago.

Why are they called gumboots?
They’re called gumboots because they are made from the gum of the rubber  tree.

Who have you seen wearing gumboots?
Famers  and people wear  them in the rain.

Why are gumboots useful?
People wear them in the rain so they won’t get wet and some people uses them at work for safety reasons.

Where do you buy gumboots from?
The Warehouse.

Are gumboots only black in colour?
Yes they were but some are now made of plastic so they come in any colour.

Research how much gumboots are and insert the link for the shop to buy them from. Try and look around several shops.

Create activity
Using the information from the stores you find in your research, create an advertisement for a newspaper for gumboots.
Who is the author of the story?  Janet Pates
Is this story fiction (made up) or nonfiction (true)?

Who drew the pictures in the story?
Didn’t say who the illustrator was.

What other visual (pictures) do you see which helps you understand the story?
At Easter they hold a gumboot festival.

Using Google maps find where Taihape is in New Zealand, take a screenshot and insert it in the google doc.

What is held at Taihape every year?

What happens at the festival?

What were gumboots called in England?

Create activity
Design your own gumboots. You can use your netbook or paper.
Spelling (learn to spell these words and have your teacher)
New Zealand
Please upload your two creating activities. Make sure you include a:
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