Thursday, 11 June 2015

My long weekend

On Monday in when we went to a car. Next we went to my Aunties house. Next we went walk a cousin to play to the park.

On Friday we went to the McDonald. Next we eat. When we play we had fun and we do back to home and we sleep. 

On Sunday we went to my uncle house. Next we have BBQs and we eat it was yum yum. Next we went home. 

On Sunday we went to church we singing. Next we went to home. 

On Tuesday we sleepover with my friend. Next we eat popcorn it was fun. Next we watch movies. It was a girls movie. Next my friend went sleep and went home. 

On Sunday we went to the beach. We bring some food to eat. Next we swam to the water and we eat a food it was yum yum and when we finish we went back home.

The end. 

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