Friday, 30 October 2015

How Mummies were made

How Mummies were made

After death, the Egyptians believed there was an afterlife.  Because a body would be needed to enter the afterlife, the Egyptians mummified the dead body.  

Firstly the body was placed on a table.  The embalmer removed the internal organs, apart from the heart, with a steel hook through the nose.  

After the body was emptied, linen was placed inside the body to suck up the moisture.  Then the body was covered with salt and left for forty days to remove any leftover moisture.  After forty days the linen was removed from the inside of the body, and sawdust and spices were inserted.  The sawdust and spices, expensive and hard to get, were required to help keep the body’s shape.

Next it was time to wrap the body.  The head and neck were wrapped first with white linen and then the rest of the body parts.  Finally a spell book was placed in the hands of the dead body.

The final resting place of the mummy was in a tomb.  Because the mummifying process was very expensive, only the very wealthy were able to do it.  

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