Friday, 16 October 2015


  1. Choose ONE of the following Kiwi Kids News articles
  2. Read it carefully and below create 6 multichoice or true/false questions for your article. Remember to choose some ‘close’ answers to make your reader think really hard. Set up the questions like this
Question: 1. Which 1 is not a symptom of sleepwalking ?  
  1. sleeptalking
  2. no memory of sleepwalking
  3. playing scrabble
  4. screaming  

Sleepwalking makes you happy ? True/False

What did sleepwalking used to be called?

Record your answers at the bottom of this page.
3. On your blog, share:
  • the link to the article
  • the questions (numbered)
  • DO NOT share the answers.
  • A sentence explaining to your readers to read the article and then answer in the comments. At the end of the week you will reply to the comments to say who was correct/incorrect.
4. Complete the rubric self-assessment below. Highlight what you achieved.  


Not achieved
5 or less questions
6 or more true/false or multichoice questions
6 or more questions presented in a google form.
Questions do not require the person to read the article
Questions require the reader to locate information from the text
Questions require the reader to infer information from the text.
Time Management
Did not complete 6 questions by Wednesday
Completed 6 questions by end of wednesday
Completed 6 questions early on wednesday and had time to put it into a google form to embed on blog.

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